Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Uncle Sam's Legal Eagle Spam

The US District Court of Appeals has been upholding a bad policy since 2007. It's a bad policy because it's unrealistic. In short, the US gov is requiring all agencies that receive AIDS/HIV prevention funds to uphold the US position to prohibit prostitution and sex trafficking. Prostitution has been around for thousands of years if not more. Longer in fact, that any current government and probably longer than any extant religion. No proclamation of a 200 year old government is going to change it. It seems so elementary that I'm going back to the basics to answer it. We need a realistic policy that's rooted in the basic facts, to wit:

Look here, Uncle Sam,
and belay your legislative spam.
History shows us just what is true,
that people are people, and people do screw.

They'll bang behind bushes,
They'll bang on a bus,
unhindered by muss,
not heeding your fuss.

They'll lay who they like,
be they Suzie or Mike,
and ignore your objections,
and puritanical projections.

So teach people safety,
when getting it on.
Denial has gone on,
much, much, MUCH, too long.

Let all babies be wanted,
and trouser bugs be squashed.
Let people be safe and happy
when getting wacky in the sacky.

Begin with the facts,
when discussing the beast with two backs.
It's really important to get this right,
because we all know what all those people will be doing tonight.


Carolyn E Bentley said...

Truly excellent poem! And for more on the issue at hand, check out the timeline here. It all just confirms for me that sex legislation always reaches too far.

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